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    Mujahid W

    saya sudah 3 kali berbelanja di homerianshop, dan sejauh ini hasilnya tidak mengecewakan. Pelayanannya tanggap dan ramah juga. Kalo bisa koleksi bukunya ditambahin lagi bung biar saya makin sering belanja disini. Hehehe


    saya pikir pertamanya ini cuma web abal2.. namun setelah melakukan pemesanan.. agan yg ini responnya cepat, service juga memuaskan deh.. T.O.P.B.G.T RECOMMENDED..!!! tenkiu gan..

    Harits Luqman Hakim

    saya doakan semoga homerianshop tambah pelanggannya, tambah koleksi buku bagusnya, tambah penggemarnya, tambah murah bukunya (hehehe), tambah baik dan tambah pesat omsetnya. hatur nuhun.


    Homerianshop: tempatnya buku-buku baru dan klasik yang mencerahkan dengan pelayanan yang memuaskan. Btw, buku pesanan saya sudah sampai. Thanks ya Min. :)

    F. Devita

    pertama kali belanja di homerian dan langsung puas banget dengan pelayanannya. awalnya sempat ragu apa ini benar2 toko buku online dan bukan tipu-menipu. tapi ternyata memang benar-benar kok. buku yang saya cari di toko-toko buku lokal nggak ada, ada di sini. pengirimannya pun cepat. bayar hari ini, dikirim hari ini juga, selang sehari sudah sampai di rumah dengan selamat. thank you, homerianshop! benar-benar membantu saya mendapatkan buku untuk bahan skripsi.

    Azfan Luthfi

    Terima Kasih Homerianshop, buku pesanan saya sudah saya terima dengan selamat.. :)

    danang hadiyanto

    Toko buku dengan koleksi yang "wow". Sudah 3kali beli buku di homerian, dan pelayanannya selalu memuaskan. Sangat direkomendasikan untuk para pecinta buku. :)

    fransiska anggrian

    finally i got my package. baru pertama kali belanja di sini, dan udh ngerasa puas bgt. toko buku online yg TOP bgt. highly recommended utk yg msih ragu2 utk belanja, bnran ga akan nyesal utk service ny.

    Timothy Stevano

    Homerianshop mungkin menurut gw adalah toko buku paling keren yang pernah ada,koleksi buku2nya non-mainstream semua,hal yang gk pernah gw temuin di toko buku lain (yang ****** itu lo,taukan?,tapi harganya mencekik),buku2nya murah2 semua,pas buat kantong anak SMA seperti saya,jangan ragu ya beli buku di Homerian shop,karena toko yang namanya mirip2 nama bapaknya Bart Simpson ini bener2 recomended!!!

    Jeanne Francoise

    Homerianshop tempat belanja buku-buku cerdas. Service-nya tidak mengecewakan dan koleksi buku-bukunya menarik. Senang bisa berbelanja di Homerianshop! Highly recommended!

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Feminism in the Cinema (ed. Lauran Pietropaolo & Ada Testaferri)

used, good

Feminism in the Cinema  (ed. Lauran Pietropaolo & Ada Testaferri)Detail Produk
These essays confront issues of women's identification, representation, and self-representation film, dealing with a pluralistic conception of 'difference' rather than polarizing it as an issue related only to gender

Berat : 0.43 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

The Women's Companion to International Film (ed. Annette Kuhn)

bekas, kondisi cukup, bahasa inggris

The Women\Detail Produk
Here are the women-and significant men-who have contributed to films of the world from the first days to present. In a lively and incisive fashion, Kuhn and Redstone examine the actors, directors, producers, and critics important in the history of filmmaking, from the avant-garde to the hollywoodmainsteam.

From aboroginal video to women's revenge film, this invaluable guide defines technical terms and offers critical perspectives from a feminist viewpoint.

Berat : 0.68 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Fire with Fire - Naomi Wolf

used, goodshape

Fire with Fire - Naomi WolfDetail Produk
Feminist author of the bestselling The Beauty Myth , Wolf has written an empowering, impassioned manifesto that points the way toward a flexible feminism for the 1990s and beyond. Part political analysis, part psychological manual, part activist handbook, the book argues that women should renounce "victim feminism," which casts them as sexually pure, fragile, beleaguered creatures whose problems are all the fault of men. As an alternative, Wolf outlines an anti-dogmatic "power feminism" which sees women as no better and no worse than men, celebrates female sexuality and encourages women to claim their individual voices through a variety of tactics. These include "resource groups" for sharing contacts and increasing access to information and services; consumer campaigns; and pressure on the media to alter their portrayals of women. Wolf theorizes that little girls, as much as boys, have fantasies of absolute dominion but learn to repress their "will to power" at a very early age. Wolf here sketches a psychological road map designed to help women deal with their ambivalence about success, power, equality and money

Berat : 0.34 kg

Harga: Rp.45.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Technologies of Gender: Essays on Theory, Film, and Fiction - Teresa de Lauretis

used, good

Technologies of Gender: Essays on Theory, Film, and Fiction - Teresa de LauretisDetail Produk
"Technologies of Gender builds a bridge between the fashionable orthodoxies of academic theory (Lacan, Foucault, Derrida, et al.) and the frequently-marginalized contributions of feminist theory.... In sum, de Lauretis has written a book that should be required reading for every feminist in need of theoretical ammunition -- and for every theorist in need of feminist enlightenment." -- B. Ruby Rich

"... sets philosophical ideas humming.... she has much to say." -- Cineaste

"I can think of no other work that pushes the debate on the female subject forward with such passion and intellectual rigor." -- SubStance

This book addresses the question of gender in poststructuralist theoretical discourse, postmodern fiction, and women's cinema. It examines the construction of gender both as representation and as self-representation in relation to several kinds of texts and argues that feminism is producing a radical rewriting, as well as a rereading, of the dominant forms of Western culture.

Berat : 0.32 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Virginia Woolf as Feminist - Naomi Black

used, good

Virginia Woolf as Feminist - Naomi BlackDetail Produk
Before the Second World War and long before the second wave of feminism, Virginia Woolf argued that women's experience, particularly in the women's movement, could be the basis for transformative social change. Grounding Virginia Woolf's feminist beliefs in the everyday world, Naomi Black reclaims Three Guineas as a major feminist document. Rather than a book only about war, Black considers it to be the best, clearest presentation of Woolf's feminism.

Woolf's changing representation of feminism in publications from 1920 to 1940 parallels her involvement with the contemporary women'` movement (suffragism and its descendants, and the pacifist, working-class Women's Co-operative Guild). Black guides us through Woolf's feminist connections and writings, including her public letters from the 1920s as well as "A Society," A Room of One's Own, and the introductory letter to Life As We Have Known It. She assesses the lengthy development of Three Guineas from a 1931 lecture and the way in which the form and illustrations of the book serve as a feminist subversion of male scholarship. Virginia Woolf as Feminist concludes with a discussion of the continuing relevance of Woolf's feminism for third-millennium politics.

Berat : 0.4 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Family Plots: The De-Oedipalization of Popular Culture - Dana Heller

used, good

Family Plots: The De-Oedipalization of Popular Culture - Dana HellerDetail Produk
Family Plots traces the fault lines of the Freudian family romance and holds that the "family plot" is very much alive in post-World War II American culture. It cuts across all genres, insinuating, criticizing, reinforcing, and reinventing itself in all forms of cultural production and consumption. The family romance is everywhere because the family itself is nowhere.

Berat : 0.45 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Issues in Feminist Film Criticsm - ed. Patricia Erens

used, goodshape

Issues in Feminist Film Criticsm - ed. Patricia ErensDetail Produk
"This anthology makes it abundantly clear that feminist film criticism is flourishing and has developed dramatically since its inception in the early 1970s." -- Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Erens brings together a wide variety of writings and methodologies by U.S. and British feminist film scholars. The twenty-seven essays represent some of the most influential work on Hollywood film, women's cinema, and documentary filmmaking to appear during the past decade and beyond.

Contributors include Lucie Arbuthnot, Linda Artel, Pam Cook, Teresa de Lauretis, Mary Ann Doane, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Lucy Fischer, Jane Gaines, Mary C. Gentile, Bette Gordon, Florence Jacobowitz, Claire Johnston, E. Ann Kaplan, Annette Kuhn, Julia Lesage, Judith Mayne, Sonya Michel, Tania Modleski, Laura Mulvey, B. Ruby Rich, Gail Seneca, Kaja Silverman, Lori Spring, Jackie Stacey, Maureen Turim, Diane Waldman, Susan Wengraf, Linda Williams, and Robin Wood.

Berat : 0.7 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Alice Doesn't: Feminism, Semiotics, Cinema - Teresa De Lauretis

used, good, hardcover, no dusk jacket

Alice Doesn\Detail Produk
"There is hardly a page in this collection of hard-thought and brilliantly written essays that does not yield some new insight." — Hayden White

"... de Lauretis's writing is brisk and refreshingly lucid." — International Film Guide

Berat : 0.65 kg

Harga: Rp.85.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Gerakan Perempuan di Amerika Latin: Feminisme dan Transisi Menuju Demokrasi - ed. Jane S. Jaquette

Bekas, Kondisi Bagus

Gerakan Perempuan di Amerika Latin: Feminisme dan Transisi Menuju Demokrasi - ed. Jane S. JaquetteDetail Produk
Transisi dari kekuasaan otoritarian menuju demokratis adalah tren yang paling penting pada dekade terakhir di dalam sejarah politik Amerika Latin. Peridoe yang dinamis ini tidak dapat dipahami tanpa mempertimbangkan akan pentingnya, bahkan terkadang sangat sentralnya akan peranan yang dimainkan oleh perempuan dalam membawa perubahan politik. Begitu juga perubahan peranan politik perempuan harus dilihat sebagai bagian dari konteks transisi politik.

Berat : 0.45 kg

Harga: Rp.45.000

Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World - Kumari Jayawardena

used, good
Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World - Kumari JayawardenaDetail Produk
This book reconstruct the little known-history of those political struggles women launched in Asia and Middle East fromthe late 19th century onward. Kumari Jayawardena gives detailed accounts of women's movement in several Muslim countries-Egypt, Turkey and Iran-and Asian Countries-India, Sri Langka, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korean and the Philippines.

Berat : 0.45 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

The Second Sex - Simone DeBeauvoir

used, good
The Second Sex - Simone DeBeauvoirDetail Produk
Newly translated and unabridged in English for the first time, Simone de Beauvoir’s masterwork is a powerful analysis of the Western notion of “woman,” and a groundbreaking exploration of inequality and otherness. This long-awaited new edition reinstates significant portions of the original French text that were cut in the first English translation. Vital and groundbreaking, Beauvoir’s pioneering and impressive text remains as pertinent today as it was sixty years ago, and will continue to provoke and inspire generations of men and women to come.

Berat : 0.8 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

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