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    Mujahid W

    saya sudah 3 kali berbelanja di homerianshop, dan sejauh ini hasilnya tidak mengecewakan. Pelayanannya tanggap dan ramah juga. Kalo bisa koleksi bukunya ditambahin lagi bung biar saya makin sering belanja disini. Hehehe


    saya pikir pertamanya ini cuma web abal2.. namun setelah melakukan pemesanan.. agan yg ini responnya cepat, service juga memuaskan deh.. T.O.P.B.G.T RECOMMENDED..!!! tenkiu gan..

    Harits Luqman Hakim

    saya doakan semoga homerianshop tambah pelanggannya, tambah koleksi buku bagusnya, tambah penggemarnya, tambah murah bukunya (hehehe), tambah baik dan tambah pesat omsetnya. hatur nuhun.


    Homerianshop: tempatnya buku-buku baru dan klasik yang mencerahkan dengan pelayanan yang memuaskan. Btw, buku pesanan saya sudah sampai. Thanks ya Min. :)

    F. Devita

    pertama kali belanja di homerian dan langsung puas banget dengan pelayanannya. awalnya sempat ragu apa ini benar2 toko buku online dan bukan tipu-menipu. tapi ternyata memang benar-benar kok. buku yang saya cari di toko-toko buku lokal nggak ada, ada di sini. pengirimannya pun cepat. bayar hari ini, dikirim hari ini juga, selang sehari sudah sampai di rumah dengan selamat. thank you, homerianshop! benar-benar membantu saya mendapatkan buku untuk bahan skripsi.

    Azfan Luthfi

    Terima Kasih Homerianshop, buku pesanan saya sudah saya terima dengan selamat.. :)

    danang hadiyanto

    Toko buku dengan koleksi yang "wow". Sudah 3kali beli buku di homerian, dan pelayanannya selalu memuaskan. Sangat direkomendasikan untuk para pecinta buku. :)

    fransiska anggrian

    finally i got my package. baru pertama kali belanja di sini, dan udh ngerasa puas bgt. toko buku online yg TOP bgt. highly recommended utk yg msih ragu2 utk belanja, bnran ga akan nyesal utk service ny.

    Timothy Stevano

    Homerianshop mungkin menurut gw adalah toko buku paling keren yang pernah ada,koleksi buku2nya non-mainstream semua,hal yang gk pernah gw temuin di toko buku lain (yang ****** itu lo,taukan?,tapi harganya mencekik),buku2nya murah2 semua,pas buat kantong anak SMA seperti saya,jangan ragu ya beli buku di Homerian shop,karena toko yang namanya mirip2 nama bapaknya Bart Simpson ini bener2 recomended!!!

    Jeanne Francoise

    Homerianshop tempat belanja buku-buku cerdas. Service-nya tidak mengecewakan dan koleksi buku-bukunya menarik. Senang bisa berbelanja di Homerianshop! Highly recommended!

     Isi Testimonial


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Orson Welles - Ben Walters

bekas, kondisi bagus, bahasa inggris

Orson Welles - Ben WaltersDetail Produk
Orson Welles (1915-85), film and stage director, actor, writer and producer, was a uniquely talented artist who nevertheless struggled for much of his life to realize his unique vision. His greatest triumphs came dazzlingly early. In his 20s, he had a seminal influence on radio drama with his company the Mercury Players.

Their 1938 radio adaptation of Welles' War of the Worlds caused a nationwide panic when listeners thought aliens really had landed in New Jersey.

He was only 25 when, with the help of some very talented collaborators, he co-wrote, directed and starred in Citizen Kane (1941), generally considered one of the greatest films ever made. But when RKO studios released a mangled version of his next film, The Magnificent Ambersons, without his consent, it set the pattern of frustration and creative battles that would mark the rest of his life.

Nevertheless he went on to produce several more great films - A Touch of Evil (1958) and his version of Othello notable amongst them - and iconic performances - most famously as Harry Lime in the classic The Third Man (1949).

Berat : 0.22 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Eyes Wide Open - Frederic Raphael

bekas, kondisi cukup, bahasa inggris
Eyes Wide Open - Frederic RaphaelDetail Produk
We've all heard the rumors.

He was a hermit. He refused to fly and wouldn't be driven at more than thirty miles an hour. He avoided having his picture taken and was terrified of being assassinated. As a filmmaker, he was obsessed with perfection. He insisted on total control of every facet of the process. Simple scenes required one hundred takes. No wonder he made only six movies in the past thirty-five years.

But what was he really like?

For more than two years, Frederic Raphael collaborated closely with Stanley Kubrick on the screenplay of what was to be the director's final movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Over time, as his professional caution was replaced by a certain affection, Kubrick lowered his guard for Raphael as he never had with journalists or biographers, to reveal much about his early life in the cinema and of the reverses and humiliations he had to endure. They spoke for hours about a variety of subjects, from Julius Caesar to the Holocaust, from Kubrick's views about other directors to reminiscences of the many stars with whom both men had worked (or nearly worked)--Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn, James Mason, Peter Sellers, Marisa Berenson, Sterling Hayden, Marlon Brando, and Gregory Peck.

Here, with his own distinctly cinematic style, Raphael chronicles their often fiery exchanges, capturing Kubrick's voice as no one else could. Disdaining false veneration, he opens our eyes to the mind and art of a truly complex and hitherto elusive twentieth-century genius.

Berat : 0.22 kg

Harga: Rp.75.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

French Film Directors: Leos Carax - Fergus Daly & Garin Dowd

bekas, kondisi bagus, bahasa inggris.

French Film Directors: Leos Carax - Fergus Daly & Garin DowdDetail Produk
Leos Carax is the first book in any language to study the films of this "enfant terrible" of contemporary French cinema. Paris, pop music, "flânerie" and "amour fou," "mannerist" and "neo-baroque" aesthetics, the Nouvelle Vague and contemporary "naturalist" cinema--these key ingredients of the worlds of Carax's four films (including Les Amants du Pont Neuf and Pola X) are examined here.

The authors draw on a variety of intellectual sources, from Deleuze's philosophy and Cahiers-based film criticism to the theory of art and literary monographs in order to disentangle the complex web of biographical mythology, formal and intellectual cinematic concerns, flamboyant imagery and intertextual references woven by Carax and his films in the last two decades of the 20th century.

Berat : 0.22 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Francois Truffaut: a Complete Films

buku baru.

Francois Truffaut: a Complete FilmsDetail Produk
This title, written by Robert Ingram, takes a critical look at the films and work of Francois Truffaut.

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Double Vision: My Life in Film - Andrzej Wajda

bekas, kondisi bagus, bahasa inggris

Double Vision: My Life in Film - Andrzej WajdaDetail Produk
Wajda's idea of a national identity goes hand in hand with his artistic sense to create an account of Poland's recent history filtered through a life in film

Berat : 0.38 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Accidental Genius:How John Cassavetes Invented the American Independent Film - Marshall Fine

used, like new, english

Accidental Genius:How John Cassavetes Invented the American Independent Film  - Marshall FineDetail Produk
In the world of independent filmmaking, John Cassavetes became the prototypical outsider fighting the system for much of his career. A major star of live television and a serious actor, he stumbled into making his first film, Shadows, and created a template for working outside the Hollywood system that would produce some of the most piercing and human films of the last thirty years including A Women Under the Influence and Husbands.

Film critic Marshall Fine has been hailed by the New York Times for this "first full life of Cassavetes." The Minneapolis Star Tribune said, "Accidental Genius is as thoroughly researched as an academic study but reads like a pop biography minus the fawning." Fine reveals the passion and singularity that characterized Cassavetes and his lasting influence on filmmaking.

Marshall Fine is the author of Bloody Sam: The Life and Films of Sam Peckinpah and Harvey Keitel: The Art of Darkness. He is the film and television critic for Star magazine. He lives in Ossining, NY.

Berat : 0.7 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

I, Fellini - Charlotte Chandler

used, goodshape, english

I, Fellini - Charlotte ChandlerDetail Produk
This lusty, high spirited book came out of conversations, conducted over the course of fourteen years, between Frederico Fellini, the reknowned director of of such landmark films as 8 1/2, and La Dolce Vita, and author Charlotte Chandler. The result is a work of astonishing candor, subtle wit, and brilliant insight into the mystery of motion pictures.

Berat : 0.83 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Preston Sturges: His Life in His Words

used, goodshape, english

Preston Sturges: His Life in His WordsDetail Produk
Preston Sturges was the great writer and director of Hollywood screwball comedies of the thirties and forties. Sullivan's Travels, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, and The Great McGinty have become film classics, demonstrating brilliant, inventive writing and directing. At the height of his career, Sturges had not only won an Academy Award but was also one of the most highly paid executives in the country.

The only account of his life in his own words, Preston Sturges by Preston Sturges unveils the source of his extraordinary creativity: a life that was every bit as antic and unconventional as his movies. From growing up in Europe with a mother whose best friend was Isadora Duncan to making his way among the beau monde of New York -- including a marriage to Barbara Hutton's cousin Eleanor -- Sturges drew on a wealth of madcap experiences to create films of unprecedented comic originality. Working with her husband's wonderfully descriptive journals, Sandy Sturges has woven a captivating narrative that reveals a man of remarkable intellect, energy, and warmth.

Berat : 0.7 kg

Harga: Rp.120.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

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